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ANewPow is established in Taiwan , has developed the BMS system for more than 10 years and well experienced, has sold over twenty thousand batteries for telecom stations which belong to CHINA MOBILE and China unicom, and the monthly increase of 2000 batteries currently.


"Green", "energy" has become very important issue today, lots of enterprises have R&D in energy storage related fields, already got significant results from the development of Lithium Battery Technology, especially the large power-based lithium batteries, such as lithium-ion, lithium manganese, ternary, etc., not only the types of materials but also the maturity from the production, costs and prices gradually decline. The Li-ion battery should completely replace those high-pollution and inefficient lead-acid batteries.   


However, there are still lots of lead-acid batteries that have not been replaced, especially in the Datacenters, Telecoms, Solar Power Stations. Though, every company is in urge for building a "Green server room". For example; The rising star “Cloud Computing Business”, still using the lead-acid batteries for UPS power storage system. Therefore, the green server room is just a wish that cannot be realized. In addition, in the telecom station, there are a large number of lead-acid batteries in the communication industry to prevent 5-10 times a year from power outage, each station must have 1 hour of standby power supply. The telecom stations spreading out all over Taiwan, and all located at highlands. The bulky lead-acid battery must be exchanged every 1-2 years, and the communication companies have no alternatives. 

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