Your lithium power program preferred!

"Green", "energy" has become very important issue today, lots of enterprises have R&D in energy storage related fields, already got significant results from the development of Lithium Battery Technology, especially the large power-based lithium batteries, such as lithium-ion, lithium manganese, ternary, etc., not only the types of materials but also the maturity from the production, costs and prices gradually decline. The Li-ion battery should completely replace those high-pollution and inefficient lead-acid batteries.   


However, there are still lots of lead-acid batteries that have not been replaced, especially in the Datacenters, Telecoms, Solar Power Stations. Though, every company is in urge for building a "Green server room". For example; The rising star “Cloud Computing Business”, still using the lead-acid batteries for UPS power storage system. Therefore, the green server room is just a wish that cannot be realized. In addition, in the telecom station, there are a large number of lead-acid batteries in the communication industry to prevent 5-10 times a year from power outage, each station must have 1 hour of standby power supply. The telecom stations spreading out all over Taiwan, and all located at highlands. The bulky lead-acid battery must be exchanged every 1-2 years, and the communication companies have no alternatives.