ANewPow has been committing to design,

develop and manufacture the best lithium battery.

Also, we are agents of many international brands:

BMXrobot-Sweeping Robot

ePropulsion- Electric Outboard Motor/Propulsion

Balight- App Controlled Bike Wheel Light


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With many experiences on designing,

manufacturing and promoting lithium battery.

From robot vacuum cleaners to firefighting lighting, balloon lighting,

cell site UPS, solar energy storage and electric compression.

Environmental friendliness, quality guaranteed.

We offer the best power solution for you!


Bloggers recommend

MAO automatic recharge HEPA sweeping robot

MAOsmart APP controlled smart sweeping robot

Clean as easy as blowing off dust! 


No noise, no pollution, international water sports trend.

ePropulsion devoted themselves to develop environment harmless outboard motors

1018Wh battery for Spirit 1.0, high efficiency NAVY 6.0

Lagoon, propulsion for canoe, kayaks and SUPs

Lagoon, an entire new underwater propulsion for you and me.


Most stable wheel light on the market

App controlled the bright, vivid bike display at hand

Modular design, adapt to the biking environment. (Waterproof, steady)

Improve the safety for night bike

Put your best at Balight runway!

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